Thursday, December 18, 2008

How really SAFE are our airports

I recently made a trip and travel by plane. I got to the airport around 5:10 in the morning since my flight was departing at 6:30am , there were not many people there. So I go up to the counter and used the machine to get my tickets (since I purchase my ticket via the Internet)I place my tickets on the counter and give the lady behind the counter my baggage.
So now I grab all my stuff and go through security, once I got there it was pretty quick since there was not many people there. I give the security man my boarding pass as well as my driver's license. The man asked me for my age and I gave him my age, he took a look at me and give me my boarding pass and license back.
As I head to my gate I notice that there was no one there, which seem weird since you have to be an hour early. So I take a look at my boarding pass and notice that it said my flight departs at 5:22am, which meant that I had missed the flight. This could not be right, so I look at my other boarding pass and I saw another boarding pass for the same destination. At this time I am really confused, I take a closer look at the boarding pass that I had given security and notice that the name on the boarding pass was not mine and that the correct boarding pass was in my purse.
At this time I go to the correct gate and go to the counter and explain to the lady behind the desk that I went through security with a boarding pass that did not had my name, and a flight that had already departed. The lady just looked at me in shocked and said that she could not believe security did not notice.
Now I wonder how safe are airports? With my experience I would have to say that airports are not as safe as they should be. How can someone check my boarding pass with my driver's license and not notice that the two name were completely different.
Now I ask you, do you feel safe in airports?